Coaching Programs Expert, Culture Builder, and Private Client Coach
Do you love apps and programs that help you do something new? I make those.

I mentor organizations from product concept to online victory. I help companies engage employees to succeed, and privately coach leaders to achieve personal and professional accomplishment. 


Wellbeing Product Development
Get your ROI! Add a mini-program that engages, builds skills, and activates users. These can greatly cut costs of non-compliance and non-engagement, decrease product returns, and increase participant performance, satisfaction and affinity toward you!
Company Culture Development
Company employee engagement and culture development, with The Lime Group.
Hardship Habits Workshops and Company Culture Development
You may have noticed that the struggle is real, goblin-mode is a thing, quitting is tempting and the list goes on. We've picked up Hardship Habits in order to survive. Now what? This workshop helps you find harmony at work and home, despite the Hardship Habits you’ve picked up along the way.
Accomplishment Coaching
Individualized coaching, particularly for executives and founders who are leading organizations.
What I do

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How to create a program people rush to use, even if you haven't met them yet.

A good online program can transform lives and create star recognition in the marketplace. But it doesn't sell itself, even if you are giving it away. I want good programs to reach people, so I'm sharing my secrets on how to design your program to be marketable. 

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About Me

I help techie and not-so-techie professionals develop transformational online projects and businesses  without having to do it all themselves.

The world needs more positive solutions from people who really know their stuff. If that's you, my goal is to lift you higher. 

Ready for someone to bring out the best in you and have your back while you hit a milestone you've only hoped for before?   

This is the magic and meaning I bring to everything we do together. 

Working with Elissa

"Elissa is a fantastic partner in helping you really get clear on what matters most to you, and what is your true definition of success. Her process of guiding you to create your "to feel list" instead of your "to do list" is genius. She's a stellar coach, creative thinker, and outstanding speaker. 

I highly recommend experiencing her work and get the support you need in fulfilling on what matters most to you in your life."

- K.C. Baker, Women's Thought Leader Institute, California

"Elissa combines a razor sharp intellect, honed at McKinsey and sharp well before that, with astonishing insights about and with people. She can be both a peer and a mentor to leaders of all ranks and experience. 

I have found her personal coaching insights invaluable, and her ability to engage on exactly the pivotal issues unsurpassed. Few people I have met possess her level of wisdom and insight."

- David Hagar, Executive Coach and Leadership Programs Executive 

"Elissa and I share a passion for self-improvement, not quick-fixes. She focuses on the bottom line, is a creative problem-solver and experiments with the best of ideas from a variety of different traditions. She's also a really great friend and a fun person to hang out with. 

I'd recommend her to anyone looking to take the next step to becoming truly accomplished!"

- Dr. Christine Whelan, Professor of Human Ecology, University of Madison, WI

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