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Elissa Ashwood
Chief Encouragement Officer
Have you ever seen something on the internet that KNOWS your hopes and dreams and helps you change your life for the better?
I help clients build these programs and share my own.
Come hang out with me. It will make you happier. 
Personal Exec coaching
(by referral only)
The Hiraeth Sessions
Hiraeth is the word for longing for home inside yourself.  The Hiraeth Sessions clarify what you want to find greater self acceptance and success.  

Not for everyone.
This is personal powerful rocket fuel when you really need it.
Calendaring Happiness
(for all!)
Calendaring Happiness logo
This inspiring personal project lifts your resilience to do everything else.  Build it in and watch your other goals take off.

Learn new ways to build happiness into your life and family, using your calendar to make it happen. Join me in this personal project to break out the good stuff and make each day count.
Calendaring Happiness logo
Want to be happier, even when life is full of horrible and ridiculous things that you can't stop obsessing over?
Grab some Calendaring Happiness.

This practical approach to happiness will make you smile and boost your resilience to handle everything else. In the time it takes to have a coffee, you can also win at life. Even if, like my BFF, your only goal is to have no goals.

Imagine using the calendar you already use every day for boring things, and instead be able to look at the week ahead and see a life you look forward to living.  

I'll show you new ways to layer happiness into life for yourself and your family, using your calendar to make it happen. 
Want to create your own happiness program?

You have an expertise that can transform people's lives.  Awesome!  

Your first step is NOT to hire a web development team and build from scratch. It's to PROTOTYPE your program using configurable tools (10x faster and cheaper) so you can test it as quickly as possible with your target audience. 

I can help take your expertise and get it out in front of your perfect client online...
...even if you're not clear yet on what you'd offer.

Note: I am booked 100% right now, but will always make time to point you in the right direction. So say hi and let me know what you're working on. I can share case studies that may help you and your team.
Workshops and Speaking
Looking for a fresh inspirational hook and a practical creative activity?

Give your audience a boost with a Calendaring Happiness workshop or talk.  

- Create personal resilience to keep you energized and happy, even through hard times

- Destroy that feeling of having 'no life' or waiting around for things to change

- Transform your ordinary week into something extraordinary so you start living your happily ever after right now
About Me

I help techie and not-so-techie professionals develop transformational online projects and businesses  without having to do it all themselves.

The world needs more positive solutions from people who really know their stuff. If that's you, my goal is to lift you higher. 

Ready for someone to bring out the best in you and have your back while you hit a milestone you've only hoped for before?   

This is the magic and meaning I bring to everything we do together. 

Working with Elissa

"Elissa is a fantastic partner in helping you really get clear on what matters most to you, and what is your true definition of success. Her process of guiding you to create your "to feel list" instead of your "to do list" is genius. She's a stellar coach, creative thinker, and outstanding speaker. 

I highly recommend experiencing her work and get the support you need in fulfilling on what matters most to you in your life."

- K.C. Baker, Women's Thought Leader Institute, California

"Elissa combines a razor sharp intellect, honed at McKinsey and sharp well before that, with astonishing insights about and with people. She can be both a peer and a mentor to leaders of all ranks and experience. 

I have found her personal coaching insights invaluable, and her ability to engage on exactly the pivotal issues unsurpassed. Few people I have met possess her level of wisdom and insight."

- David Hagar, Executive Coach and Leadership Programs Executive 

"Elissa and I share a passion for self-improvement, not quick-fixes. She focuses on the bottom line, is a creative problem-solver and experiments with the best of ideas from a variety of different traditions. She's also a really great friend and a fun person to hang out with. 

I'd recommend her to anyone looking to take the next step to becoming truly accomplished!"

- Dr. Christine Whelan, Author of Marry Smart, The Big Picture, University of Madison, WI
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